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Last night, I stopped off at the library to pick up a book and meditative cd on sound sleeping I had requested. I also needed to pay up.

"The Beatles Let It Be/Naked cd," I say to the librarian. "I think I sat on it and crushed it." They told me it would be $23 and change to replace it.

I don't mind writing checks to the library, not really. I don't support public radio and I don't buy Girl Scout cookies though I will steal Thin Mints from my coworkers when they leave boxes sitting on their desks. But I digress.

"Am I your worst patron?" I ask the librarian.

She hesitates then looks at a computers reserved for patrons near the checkout stand. There a woman sits with several children. The woman, who obviously overheard our conversation, looks up at me. She walks over and introduces herself as the worst patron of our particular branch.

"My fines get so high," she says.
"I sometimes have to write checks," I say.

"I once had 52 items checked out at once," I counter, adding that right now I'm back down in the 20s.

She gets me, the woman says. And she does. Just like me, this woman will see a book or other item that catches her eye and check it out, even if she's got a 40-book backlog. If she's not ready to read it, she'll keep renewing and renewing and renewing.

"I sense a support group coming on," the librarian says.

We continue out into the parking lot. She tells me that sometimes the librarians have to help her carry books out to her car.

"I was not aware they provided that service," I say.

She opens her minivan door and looks at me.

"Do you have library books on the floor of your car?" she asks.

"Mostly on my passenger side seat," I say. "Sometimes, if I turn too sharply, they spill over onto the floor of my driver's side and get caught under the brake pedal."

She raises her eyes impressively and gets in her car. I empty my arms into the passenger side seat and head home.


Scott Beveridge said...

Too funny. The two of you definitely should form a support group.

11:00 AM  

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