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Sophie Scholl

A few weeks back, my friend, whom I call Critter Bee, told me to rent the movie Sophie Scholl.

"You'll really enjoy it," she said. She has never guided me wrong in movies or books so I requested it from the library. I was one of several in a queue and it finally came last week.

We watched it Sunday night and I am still thinking about it. It's that kind of movie. The main character is so well written and she stays with you long after you've hit the eject button. The film answers a question that I often, in my sheer ignorance of this time period, wondered - did any of the Germans question or challenge the Nazi way during and/or in the events leading up to the Holocaust?

It's worth watching this film to find out.


Anonymous said...

The film brings up another point....what would YOU do if you lived during that time period? This young woman's conviction is admirable.

2:49 PM  

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