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"Have you ever stopped to get gas and realize you don't have enough money to make it above E?" I asked my also-impoverished-yet-creative friend during a recent lunch. "And does it depress you?"

That morning I had pumped $5 worth of gas in my car on the way to work and as I pulled out of the gas station I realized the gas gauge needle hadn't made it above E. I hadn't even made it to mid-E. I held my breath the entire way to work. I had two extra dollars but I couldn't even stop for Sixbucks because I thought idling in the drive-thru might waste fuel I just did not have. Impoverished friend and I are both in our 30's, wildly creative, and a little depressed that after a decade's hard work we still can't afford things like cable or fuel for our cars.

Impoverished-yet-creative-friend ponders my question and takes a bite of the feta cheese plate we are sharing before answering.

"Yes," he says. "But there are many different levels of e-driving."

Take his car for example. When the gas gauge needle hits a mid-E, he knows he can make it from Washington to Pittsburgh before his tank even begins to near empty status. People riding with him sometimes get nervous, but he knows what his car is capable of on a nearly empty tank.

We finish our lunch and I realize I feel much better, the way you do when you realize you are not the only struggling soul on this earth.


Anonymous said...

you are a genius!!!!

10:20 PM  
Anonymous said...

brilliant !!!

10:22 PM  
Scott Beveridge said...

Try putting the engine in neutral and drifting down hills without touching the gas or brakes. That's how I do it on "E."

12:00 PM  

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