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If you ever thought...

I get some nasty feedback at times about the man I call the Saint in my Life.

I call him this for two reasons. First, he needed a nickname. (Even though the poor guy is dating a blogger, I still think he's entitled to a measure of privacy).

Second, it's absolutely on the mark. When I met him he was helping people and he spends his days taking care of others. He comes by his compassion honestly. His genes hail from the goodness gene pool.

Case in point - We spent Christmas Day with his family at the nursing home where his mother stays. I was one of two non-family members at the dinner table. The other was a man who once spent time in prison. That's where he met the Saint's mother. I learned from family members that she met with this man often during his time in prison, mentoring him and talking with him.

I know he's been out of prison for awhile now, I'm not sure how long. Anyway, on Christmas Day, he came to visit the woman who once visited him. He doesn't have a car and I imagine that public transportation is a rough haul on a holiday. Furthermore, he works the 3 a.m. shift at Target and I would imagine he was pretty exhausted. Still, he arrived in time for dinner, bringing her a mantle clock wrapped in red and green paper.

At some point after dinner, everyone left the table and converged on her bedroom to try out her new cd player. We were the only two left sitting at the table. As we gathered up coats and presents to walk up to her room, this man, a quiet sort but very well-spoken, told me how he had been in a bad place once in his life and this incredible woman had helped him through it. He told me how she had welcomed him into her family and that this family had welcomed him, never once judging him.

We made our way to the elevator and as he talked, his voice got a little thick with emotion. Naturally, I started crying.

I tell you this story for this one reason, if you ever thought you couldn't make a difference in someone's life, it is absolutely not true. I saw that difference on Christmas Day.


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