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Games Unlimited

A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for Pass the Pigs.

It was a gift for a German exchange student. To me, nothing says "Welcome to Christmas in America!" better than a game that involves rolling little miniature pigs like dice. Besides, Pass the Pigs is a wonderfully addictive way to spend the holidays.

There wasn't enough time to order it online so I was trying to find it in a store. Someone suggested Games Unlimited in Squirrel Hill.

GamesUnlimited is an obscure, poorly-lit, not too modern storefront on Murray Avenue, right next to a bakery. I walked in a few days before Christmas and it was pretty busy with customers browsing shelves stacked with floor to ceiling games.

This really enthusiastic fellow shopper told me that the two guys who run the store know all things games.

"Just tell them who you are buying for, what age, boy/girl, what their interests are, and they will help you pick out the perfect game," the enthusiastic shopper told me.

It was a few days before Christmas and the two guys behind the counter were busy preparing games to ship out across the country. They directed me to a shelf filled with copies of Pass the Pigs. While I had his attention, I asked the guy if he knew of a game that we could play at Christmas dinner with the two sons of the saint-in-my-life.

"If they are 17 and pretty sharp, they'll like this," the guy behind the counter told me, directing me to a small card game called "Set".

Anyways, if you are ever stuck for a gift idea, check out the store.

Click here if you would like to try an online version of Pass the Pigs. I'd try the real-life version, however. It's better.


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