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The hits just keep on coming

Things were supposed to be better by now, three days after I received a ticket for making an illegal U turn. I was ready to embrace Christmas again.

Early this afternoon, however, I rammed my car into the back of a dump truck. This, like the U turn, was also my fault. Seconds before I hit the truck, I had been thumbing through a cd case, trying to find the next cd in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire story I had been listening to in my car.

My one-year-old Scion now resembles R2D2 at the end of the first Star Wars movie. The driver of the really big dump truck in front of me is fine and for this I am grateful. His vehicle was not even scratched.

My car, on the other hand, took some serious scratches and dents. And something on the dump truck punctured the front bumper. My neck hurts and I felt disgusted with myself all day. I could have avoided this. Why didn't I take driving more seriously? My insurance would definitely be going up.

I walked into work tonight and a coworker commented that I looked out of sorts. I started telling her about my fender-bender.

This coworker has weathered life's ups and downs like the rest of us. Yet she is always friendly, never seems down. I asked her about her attitude.

"Nobody likes a whiner," she told me simply.

I will shut up now.


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