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The perfect gift

I'm floundering and when I flounder I tend to really muck things up.

I want to find the perfect gift for my mate and I can feel panic edging in with the start of December. I'm haunted by the 2005 Christmas experience of my friend, the Senior Level Administrator at a Bank. He obsessed for weeks about finding the perfect gift for his mate. Christmas day drew closer and closer and, in a last-minute panic, he ended up buying a salad shooter. He was mocked for months.

I call my friend for advice. He tells me that we will go clothes shopping and update the mate's wardrobe. I told him that the mate-in-question only shops at the St. Vincent de Paul, second-hand store.

"I'm not used to dealing with people who have given up worldly things," my friend who works at the bank says. "If someone bought me a Guess watch and I knew they had spent $115 on it, I'd scream."

My anxiety is heightened this year by the fact that last year at Christmas I completely struck out. The biography I bought him on Chairman Mao wasn't so good. He hasn't yet used the certificate I bought him for a free, one-hour massage with a guy named Cookie. I think he liked the King Kong socks, but those are socks.

Also, the mate-in-question has been going on for weeks about my gift. I know it's going to be wonderful because everything he has ever given me has been thoughtful and exactly what I would have wanted.

"What's the worst that could happen," my friend who works in a bank tells me. "You could give him a bad gift and you have an awkward moment. I've been through that."

I refuse to even entertain the akward moment scenario. I will press on.


Anonymous said...

Here are some ideas:


11:06 AM  
Scott Beveridge said...

Bacon of the month club

1:59 PM  
Paul said...

Yesterday, on Weekened Edition Sunday on NPR, they had a segment about different kinds of gifts that might help you:

Featured in the segment was the blog

9:54 AM  
James (Randy) Kessler said...


If you're man shops at St. Vincent DePaul, you need look no further:

So nice to find you on the web! Cilli told me he ran into you and you'er just as wonderful as always.


12:41 AM  
james (randy) kessler said...

oh gosh, i can't believe i misspelled "your."

12:43 AM  
james (randy) kessler said...

and "you're!"

12:43 AM  

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