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The French Bakery

(A picture of the delicacies on display at Jean Marc Chatellier's French Bakery in Millvale)

If you ever find yourself traveling along Route 28, take the Millvale exit and find this French bakery I often pass in the mornings. It's a narrow storefront in Millvale, no flashy neon. Just the a name, Jean Marc Chatellier, and his trade, French Bakery.

The display cases inside the window are filled with the same French delicate pastries you would find on a Paris street corner: Napoleons, fruit tarts, Linzer Torte and French butter cookies. And the croissants. Did I mention the croissants? Chocolate and cheese-filled slices of heaven they are.

I often stop by for the $1 cup of coffee that Jean Marc brews daily, but sometimes, more often than I'd care to admit, I sample the delicacies. On Saturday mornings, on my way home to visit my parents, I often stop at the bakery to buy a pumpkin pie for my dad.

If you ever find yourself east of the Strip District and craving pastries, head across the Allgheny and check out this bakery. For directions and such, click here.


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