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Burnt Sienna

I don't know what to write about so I call my friend who works in a bank.

"I don't know what to write about," I tell him. "I just blogged about apples."

"No," he said. "You didn't. Take it down."

"I can't," I said.

We brainstormed. He always pitches the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction a few Super Bowls back but what could I write about it that hasn't already been written?

It's not that I can't find things to write about. It's just narrowing the field down. Take the church in Kansas that travels to funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq - they demonstrated at the funeral of a soldier in West Alexander - and uses them as a forum for their message - that God is killing soldiers because of homosexuality in America. Lately, they have been turning up at any funeral where media might be present.

Earlier this year, Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law a bill that would make their demonstrations at funerals a misdemeanor. While I disagree with absolutely everything this group says and believe that their presence at funerals show a complete disrespect for humanity, I do think they represent the ultimate test of free speech.

The group planned to protest at the funeral of the five Amish girls killed in a school house last week until Mike Gallagher, a nationally-syndicated talk show host intervened and offered them an interview on his show in exchange for calling off the demonstration.

I want to hug Gallagher.

I tell my friend who works in a bank about Sienna Miller (I'm not sure if it's one "n" or two and I don't care) dissing Pittsburgh in an article with Rolling Stone magazine.

"Where is she staying?" he asked.

"Why?" I counter.

"I think we should stand at her hotel and protest and tell her we want her out of town on the next plane," my friend said. He called back to say that he was going to make signs that said "Burnt Sienna" and asked if I would be joining him after work to picket.

I laugh and hang up. Neither one of us is serious. Besides, there are enough demonstrations going on in the world already.


Anonymous said...

The production crew of this movie (Mysteries of Pittsburgh) has their office space on my floor in the hotel where I work (I work for attorneys who rent space from the hotel). It seems everyone that is connected with this movie are nasty, nasty people. I mean you pass by somebody in the hallway and smile, just being courteous, not these people, they just look right through you. One of these days I swear I am going to grab one of them and YOU ARE NOT SAVING THE WORLD, YOU ARE ONLY FILMING A MOVIE, LIGHTEN UP! It is no wonder they have someone like this Sienna Miller in this film. THey are all miserable. (Ok, stepping down off the soap box now.)

10:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

She didn't say anything I don't hear from Pittsburghers/Western PAers all of the time.

Why are we so defensive about something we tell ourselves?

2:38 PM  

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