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Training for a cookie

For the last month or so I've been running, four or five miles at a stretch, several days a week.

My goal? An Eat n' Park cookie.

See, even though I'm not what one might call "a runner", I've been running The Great Race for the last several years. I love this race. Singing "Shout" as you cross the start line, the bag pipers at Carnegie Mellon University, the lady who hands out free beer in Oakland. The band playing as you run past Duquesne Unviersity. It's really a great race, pun intended.

But by far, my favorite thing about the race, is the Eat n' Park, smiling sugar cookies. Every year in Point State Park, where the race concludes, sponsors set up booths for the runners. They hand out bananas, water, oranges, and in the case of race sponsor Eat n' Park, smiling sugar cookies

The problem with being an out-of-shape, sporadic runner is that by the time I cross the finish line, all the Eat n' Park cookies are gone. Gone. I cry, having run 6.2 miles to get the cookie. Most of the bananas and oranges are gone too but nothing bothers me so much as the empty cookie box.

"What do you mean they are gone?" I say to the girl, who has to turn the boxes upside down to show me there are only crumbs inside.

I'd like to blame the piggy runners who cross the finish line ahead of me and take more than one cookie, but if I was that fast and that skinny I'd take a stack of smiling cookies too. I'd like to blame Eat n' Park for not bringing enough cookies or for giving them out to those who reach the booth first. But how could they know that the red-faced, sweating stumblers at the end of the line need those cookies much more than those healthy jack rabbits who finish early?

"I'll go down and get you a cookie," he tells me a few nights back, explaining that while he couldn't run the race with me this year because of work, he would meet me at the finish line with a smiley cookie.

But I've got a better goal. I will train. Train fiercely. Determined and focused, I will run this race with speed. I will run like the jack rabbits. I will cross the finish line well ahead of the pack and I will get my cookie.


Rebecca said...

How'd it go? I hope you got your cookie! I hope you got two!

9:30 AM  

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