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A few days back, I was walking out of work with a coworker and our Grumpy Old Editor. I asked if either knew of a six-letter word to go with the clue "Plays Peacemaker For."

"Judges," GOE said almost immediately. We've been working on the July 30 Sunday New York Times Crossword for more than two weeks now. We have more than half of the puzzle done. It's not like I'm obsessed or anything but, while we're on the topic, do you know a five-letter-word for the clue "Land on Lake Chad?"

In the short few steps it takes to reach our vehicles, GOE tells me that he and his wife do the NYT crossword together most Sundays and they usually have it finished by that Sunday evening. Let me clarify, that's the Sunday evening of the day they start the puzzle.

Yeesh, I think so we're really, really behind the curve.

The conversation got me to thinking about a movie I saw recently that you should check out, Wordplay. It's a documentary about the New York Times Crossword, its editor, Will Shortz, and the following of NYT Crossword devotees. There's some notables, including former president Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart and documentary filmaker Ken Burns. But the truly amazing parts of the firlm concern the life stories of people you don't know, people who can finish a NYT crossword in a little over two minutes. People who compete every year in a crossword puzzle competition.

I saw it at the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill.

If it's not playing at a local theater any more, don't worry, it should be out on dvd soon.


Park Burroughs said...

The five-letter word for "Land on Lake Chad? Try N-I-G-E-R.

10:47 AM  

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