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A summer must

Get ye to the drive-in.

Last weekend, we loaded chairs in the trunk of his car and set off for the drive-in to see Snakes on a Plane. We had been talking about going all summer but hadn't yet made the journey. We had seen trailers for this terror-in-the-sky flick and it seemed the exact type of movie you'd want to see at the drive in.

The movie was so over-the-top insane it was good. Imagine a plane ride that lasts for hours with really bad turbulence. As if that's not bad enough, the plane i s loaded with hundreds of snakes that seem to be in a really bad mood. There were several scenes I couldn't watch and many times when I had to reach for the hand next to me. It was scary and comforting and, in my mind, a really good way to spend a Saturday night.

So go. Check out the one in Carmichaels. I hear the one in Brownsville is up and running and no longer showing tawdry films. The one we went to in Moon Township had five screens.

Go, before summer is over.


Anonymous said...

Is the one in Wintersville, Ohio still in operation?

9:15 AM  
Greg Tarr said...

if you want to see a good movie go see "Little Miss Sunshine". it is amazing. doubt it's at a drive-in though.

2:43 PM  

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