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As promised

This is a post from my friend who-knows-all-things-Madonna who agreed to be a guest blogger while I'm away. Enjoy.

The Glory of The Eighties:
Personally, I miss those 80's days - those good old days when everyone > in the world wasn't so busy apologizing.
I was only in my single digits back then, so it's funny I even remember them.
But, then again, most of the really good things that came from the 80's were pretty hard to forget.
And, with that in mind, let's talk about the MoHawk.

In researching the MoHawk on Google pics, I've come to realize that this modern miracle is a dying breed, and, just as if this were happening to the mullet, I'm not sure if I'm ready for this sort of loss just yet.
You see, the Mohawk was the ultimate 80's unapologizer (I know that's not a word). I mean, anyone donning a three foot impaler was ready to stab that hair right into you if you should happen to outspokenly object, and, worse yet, you knew it and you kept your mouth shut!!
The formula for such a masterpiece was straight out of folklore - 3 cups of Elmer's glue mixed with egg whites, beat for three minutes, hold it up while you hairdry - most importantly, will require assistance.
Those things were sharp!

Like most things 80's, the MoHawk was an object of excitement and glory, and anyone who ever came across a true one (and no, the David Beckham Mohawk is not the true MoHawk, I'm talking three foot spikes here!) remember how even one glimpse could fill an entire day with laughter, conversation, and, as hard as it is to admit, intense WONDER and AMAZEMENT! You could tell your friend, "I saw this guy today, and, Cherise, I'm telling you he had a mohawk 7 feet tall!" You were lying of course, but they knew exactly what you were talking about.

Other great things from the 80's were Madonna (still kicking and hot), Prince, Michael, Miami Vice, Punk Rock, and I think Celine Dion started her career back then, but, then again, who cares (can anyone say, Las Vegas at 37? How old was Wayne when he hit the strip? Welcome to Tom Jones Heaven Celine!) :)


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