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My summer vacation

I wasn't going to stay home.

I had a few days off and I was going to do my usual hyper-active-leave-the-state-vacation. For the last several years now, I always felt like if I didn't leave the commonwealth's borders, it didn't count as time off.

I even made airplane reservations. In the end, he talked me into staying home, saying we'd have fun here.

On the first day, we took my front porch apart. We ripped out all the wobbly railings and stripped the peeling paint off the posts. We made many trips to Home Depot. One muggy afternoon a few days ago, we painted the posts with primer and then ate watermelon. One night we made margaritas, ordered takeout and watched one of my favorite movies on cable, Return to Paradise.

I am halfway through cleaning out my desk and weeding out unwearable clothes in my closet, making a pile for the Goodwill.

One day I went to visit my grandma. One night, we went to our favorite hot dog shop and then a movie. (I really liked A Prairie Home Companion. I don't think he liked it as much.)

We've gone for icecream twice.

Nothing so special. No plane ride. No exotic city but one of the best stretch of days I've spent in a while.


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