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Out the door

When will the coffee finish brewing? I should have left for work 10 minutes ago. Do I need the iPod charger cord? I'm bringing my laptop to work and I can charge it there. Is that the charger cord for the laptop? No, that's the cell phone headset which is now tangled up with the iPod cord.

Don't forget the library books/cds/dvds that were due yesterday! What about my lunch I packed and my wallet? I always seem to be forgetting my wallet.

Out the door. Halfway down the steps, I try to pick up the newspaper with my free two fingers and spill coffee all over myself.

I'm trying to hold onto everything and unlock the car door. I drop my cell phone for perhaps the 5 millionth time in its short life. How is it still working? I throw everything in the back seat on top of a book my friend recently gave me, "Living the Simple Life," and I break several traffic laws trying to make it to work so that I'm only 20 minutes late instead of 30.

If we reduce the amount of stuff we allow to accumulate in our lives, we won't have to organize it. If we cut back on the number of things we have to do each day, we don't need a large double-page spread on which to track them.

- From "Living the Simple Life" by Elaine St. James


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