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This is the end of my blog. I'm going to say goodbye by remembering some of the special people who went to Mississippi on this trip. Now for the rest of the story:

- The hardworking sister team of Kathy Lesnock and Janey Byers. These two can do any kind of home repair.

- Brant and Jennifer Newman. Their Bridgeville home was flooded when Tropical Storm Ivan moved through the area nearly two years ago. They know what it's like to lose their possessions and receive clean-up help from a church.

- Tim Juraev, a foreign exchange student from Uzbekistan, who speaks four languages.

- A.J. Martin who didn't let a skateboarding accident keep him from going. Even though his arm was in a cast he climbed high up a ladder and painted the Triplett's house.

- Pastor Larry Deemer who "got me" when he claimed his work day had consisted of dusting off wine bottles in an old wine cellar.

- Members of the West Alexander Presbyterian Church who raised $1,500 for a Gautier woman who had served free meals at her restaurant after the hurricane.

- Vaughn and Kathy Hixenbaugh who do dry walling for Washington County Habitat for Humanity. Their expertise was very much needed.

- The man with the heart condition who nevertheless decided to make the trip.

- Audrey Hawker and Mamie McGinnis who delivered canned goods and paper items to a food bank and sporting equipment to a home for abused boys.

- Bob Morgan whose family farm is now the National Cemetery of the Alleghenys. He took time off from building his own house to make the trip.

- Muralist Karen Brachman from Midway who had hoped to use her talent to paint a mural for someone. She didn't get the opportunity because her granddaughter, Tora Rudy, needed medical treatment from the "noseeum bugs."

- Peggy Flynn washing her new black puppy.

- The clerk at Lowe's who told us as we tied two dog houses to the roof of a van, "Now everyone will think you're from Mississippi!"

- A certain woman who does not want her name used in the newspaper and who was not looking forward to spending a week with anyone from the Observer-Reporter. She had to admit, as she was giving me a good-bye hug, that Park, Brant and I aren't as bad as she feared!

- I also need to mention the kindness of members of my church, Faith United Presbyterian, who gave me dozens of gift cards to Home Deport and Wal-Mart to take with me.


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