Day 7

Friday night: Our last day in Mississippi was spent sanding wallboard in what was once a beautiful home. Now it has sheet-rock walls and bare floors waiting to be finished.

Out back a swimming pool holds black, stagnate water.

Several volunteer groups left camp this afternoon to return home. We're leaving at 4 a.m. Saturday to try and get to Jim's house in Cincinnati, where rumor has it cold drinks await us.

Mission Mississippi has been an amazing experience for me. Strangers, noticing my disaster relief badge, have stopped me on the street to say thank you for coming. People who have lost everything they owned remain warm, caring and full of hope. Equally as caring are the volunteers from Washington County here to show God's love in action this week.

Here you learn to appreciate the little things that you tend to take for granted. I'm looking forward to getting home, sleeping in my own bed and using a real toilet and shower.

Thousands of people living along the Gulf Coast feel exactly the same way.


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