Day 5

Thursday morning: Some of the hardest workers i've seen down here are teens from Washington County. I've not heard one complaint from any of them. They do amazing things, get incredibly dirty and still manage to joke around with each other

Yesterday, we painted the outside of David and Virginie Triplett's house in Biloxi. Sarah Wiliams, and A.J. Martin (who has an arm in a cast from a skateboard accident) painted one side, while Tim Juraev and A.J. Weaver painted the other side. Working inside were Rachel and Hilary Byers and Chris McPherson.

Then we got a call that 45 mattress sets from Washington Presbytery had arrived. We drove over to the church and unloaded a Serta truck. Helping with that were Zack Klein, Brandon Ansell and Kaity McCarrell.


Sally said...

I am delighted that you were present to witness the mattress delivery. Is there information on the process of distribution?

- a sister alto

7:17 PM  

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