Day 3

Tuesday morning: People from Charlotte, N.C.; Ocala, Fla.; and the Washington Presbytery make up this week's work crews at Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Village No. 1.

The Presbyterian Church USA has five such camps in the Gulf region, and two more are planned. The church has made a seven-year commitment to the area.

Those staying here pay $10 a night to sleep on a cot in a corrugated plastic 'pod' and another $10 for meals. The sanitary facilities are Port-a-Johns, outdoor sinks, foot-washing stations and a trailer with eight showers, four for each sex.

The 'pods,' says the village manager, can withstand winds of 60 mph. She tells us this Monday night because thunderstorms are expected. There's an evacuation plan for this camp that requires us to drive down the road, past the FEMA trailers, to what used to be a water park.

Although we do get quite a lot of lightning and thunder, the storm passes us by. But the very best part of our living quarters is that through an interconnection of ductwork, the 'pods' are air-conditioned at night.

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Scott Beveridge said...

Sounds like the accomodations are wonderful. What kind of food are they feeding you for $10 a day?

4:56 PM  
musicmama said...

Hi Christie. Just got to read your blogs today. Hope you are hanging in there okay with the heat. Brandon Ansell was in my German class this year. Tell him I said hi and I am proud of him for going. Kathleen Klein is the stepmother of Markie Klein, a college student from Wheeling Jesuit who joined our church last Christmas day. Markie's mother is Kris Bober who is in your small group, I think. Markie lived with Kathleen and Mark (Markie's dad)throughout high school at McGuffey.
I am very proud of you for what you are doing and can't wait to hear about it all.

11:26 AM  
Captain Cocktail said...

Thank god for AC in Mississippi...even if its in a 10 buck a night pod.

1:18 PM  

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