Day 2

Monday: Drive down Red Bud Lane in Ocean Springs, Miss., and nearly every house has a camper or FEMA trailer in its yard. Those that don't look as though they were abandoned after their owners hauled trash to the curb and boarded up the door or a broken window.

The work crew I'm with today is working that the home of Glenn and Reva Hopkins. The couple just had a baby boy when 6 1/2 feet of water flooded their home in August.

Unlike some of the homes in this area, the Hopkins have had a lot of people working here. The dry wall is up and painted. Park and Alice Burroughs, Jim Ingram and I are trimming the windows and doors, painting that trim and chipping off cement on the bathroom floor.

There is an album in the house for people who work here to sign. So far, people have come from Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan and New Jersey. One entry was made by an 8-year-old boy who wrote "I'm sorry about your TV."

It's 97 degrees, but were inside, so it's not too bad.

On the way back to camp, a Honda, exactly like the one we're riding in, blows a tire, comes across the median and flips over in front of us, narrowly missing a tractor-trailer. Park and Jim run to the car and help four people out, none of whom are injured.

It’s one more thing to feel grateful about.

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