Day 1

Sunday: Two hours after arriving in Gautier, Miss., I jumped into a rental van with Joel Clevenger and Tim Juraev and headed to Gulfport.

The First Love Christian Academy in Washington was donating school desks, science equipment, chalkboards and books to the Christian Collegiate Academy in Mississippi. Clevenger, an FLCA board member, said the church had been looking for nine months for a school to donate the equipment to and found this one just this week. Nine people, most of them students from the school's Mission Club, unloaded the trucks. In addition to Clevenger, they were: Kathline Klein, Zack Klein, A.J. Martin, A.J. Weaver, Tim Juraev, Chris McPherson, Kaity McCarrell and Brandon Ansell.
It was hot and getting dark, but they did a great job.

Robert Lee (yes that's his real name) showed us photographs of the damage to the school when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. The front portion of the school caved in, but since has been repaired. Clevenger, who was here four weeks after the hurricane hit, pointed out high-water marks and which stores have been rebuilt. The biggest difference today is that most of the billboards and traffic signs have been replaced.

Monday morning: It's only 8, and already the temperature is 87 degrees! We're headed to Oceans Springs for painting and carpentry work in a house.

Check back later today to read about our experiences.


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