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Graffiti challenge

I'm looking forward to attending the second round of the 20th annual Graffiti Rock Challenge tomorrow night (Saturday, Feb. 11) at Moondog's in Blawnox.

Each Saturday for a month, four bands compete for a spot in the final round, March 4.

As a member of the working press with an interest in music, I've helped judge the competitions in the past, having an opportunity to hear some fine music while doing a bit of critiquing. It's been a good time, and I'm still young enough to get away without using earplugs.

Tomorrow's lineup:

- F (... as in Frank) has a unique name and a four-song EP of original tunes to its credit. The guys in the band call their style Mutt Metal, a "blend of anything and everything that has inspired metal lovers since the dawn of metal time." Members are Kurt Woodcock, Ed Miller, Sal Pirozzi, Derek Goob, Bob Beveridge Nathaniel Biro.

- Further Review has been around since last summer and just completed a demo. In the band are Zak Parker on bass, Tyler Hudspath on guitar and vocals, Jonathon Soltesz on guitar and vocals, and Caleb Hudspath on drums.

- Tripshod lists some pretty cool influences:Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Incubus, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Rage Against The Machine. They're Craig Gaghan (drums, backup vocals, percussion) Ed Davis (bass, backup vocals) John Sittig (lead vocals) and Rob Sinchak (guitar).

- The fourth band playing Saturday is called Lovehandle, which has a cool name but scant information available. I'll learn more about them.

The first week's winner was Kill the Drama. According to that band's Web site: "We're into all of the big eurosex rock acts currently on the scene, such as the bloody crimes, twisted bridges, no look calendar, and swizelstick. Sounds Like an acid induced love affair without the harmful side-effects."

Proceed with caution, it sounds like.


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